Arca3 began designing and creating tea houses, bath houses and spas during the late 80’s in Japan, well before the North American “Spa Trend” that started in the mid 90’s.

This early entry into spa design gave Arca3 a leading edge in the creation of commercial and private “one of a kind” spas both globally and locally.

At Arca3, the true spa and wellness atmosphere is carefully thought out and designed to invoke feelings of calmness, warmth, serenity, relaxation and a sense of inner spirit. The spa experience should prepare one for a journey of spiritual, mental and physical healing.

When Timothy Bullinger and his team design and create a spa, they reference Japanese cultural and philosophic principles as well as ancient spa methodologies and techniques. Feng shui, wabi sabi, vedic, and native philosophies all relate to energy, harmony and aesthetics, and are inherent in the core of a true Spa experience.

An integral part of Arca3’s design includes the integration and utilization of natural and organic materials. Green energy resources, purified water and air, waste treatment and cleansing systems, allow the creation of a pure and sustainability conscious environment.